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Friday, August 19, 2005

From Jay

Can you hide me from despair,
for an angel could you care?
Hide me in a pit so deep,
so only the rats can hear me weep.
Put me in a place so dark,
maybe the middle of a desolate park.
Walk away and dont look back,
left to become a maggot snack.
Hidden away for years to come,
hope I dont come back to bite your bum.
I am your secret, little old me,
the fallen angel that you set free.

Beating the bulge!

Over the winter period, I found myself putting on a lot of weight. I dont know how much exactly because I dont own a set of scales, but there was definately some rather large love handles attached to my hips. I know, I know, I shouldnt be complaining, there are people worse off than me, yadda yadda, but really! I went to Bali in April for a week and lost sooooo much weight because of the heat and humidity. 6 months later, I was disturbed to find that the clothes I bought in Bali no longer fit me and summer is getting sooooo close! Uh oh!

Now to change the subject; I had started swimming a few months after coming back from holiday, due to my wrist being bad. When I say bad, i mean bad! I couldn't even hold a knife and fork! And so my work sent me to physio and from there to swimming. Twice a week I swam, spa'd and sauna'd.

And so, the moral of the story, sit in a sauna for long enough; lose weight!


Friday, August 12, 2005

Far away in China

Far away in China
the people sometimes say
life is often bitter
and all too seldom gay.
Bitter as dragon tears
great cascades of sorrow
flood down all the years
drowning our tomorrow.

Far away in China
the people also say
life is sometimes joyous
if all too often gray
although life is seasoned
with bitter dragon tears

Seasoning is just a spice
within our brew of years
bad times are only rice
tears are one more flavour
that gives us sustenance
something we can savour.

So, uh, hows about the weather?

Walking home from work in the rain without an umbrella today made me wonder, what is with the weather these days?!? Ok, so it is winter, but it's not just the rain. Thinking over the last year or so, there have been earthquakes, tsunamis, major fires (nothing different here, there are always major fires in Aust.), flooding, storms and even tornados going through my home town. Yes, tornados in Perth! You think maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell us something? We have gotten a hell of a lot more environmentally conscious, using less paper, plastic bags and upping the fines for littering but isn't it a bit too late now? I mean, it is good that we are doing all this now, but it would have been so much better years and years ago. Mother Nature is pretty pissed off I think! Maybe the end of the world will come in our life-time? I hope not, but it's heading that way!

Check out the photos taken of the storm that passed through here. They are pretty wicked photos of a pretty amazing storm in Perth, Western Australia.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Work, work, work...

Well I thought I better post a post on why I'm not posting at the moment (Gees, that was a mouthful!). I recently just got a new job, add that on the the fact that I already have two jobs and you get one tired Gee! But hopefully this will only be going on for two weeks until my holidays with Woolies comes through on the 15th of this month. So at the moment, my jobs include:

  1. Woolworths: Bakery Assistant (two weeks til holidays and then I quit! Been working for Woolies for 5 years!)
  2. Kwinana Pizza: Pizza Maker (Haven't decided whether to hold onto this one or not, might quit after another two weeks)
  3. Bakers Delight: Shop Assistant (This is the new one. After three months hopefully I'll get offered a traineeship to learn to bake. 'Tis in the city, yay!)

I only started Bakers Delight yesterday but I'll get the hang of it, eventually. There are so many buttons on the till!

Well, it's almost time for me to go to Woolies *sigh* 5 am starts are pooey! Morning sunshines!