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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey Followers!

Howdy, I've been posting regularly on a new review blog called The Gee Spot if you want to take a look at it. *hint hint, nudge nudge*

Thursday, September 01, 2011

A little on the serious side...

Hey guys! I know its been a while since I posted anything and this post is a little out of the norm, but I had this strange urge to share.

Since the sudden, unexpected and family shattering death of my 19 year old cousin, Jessica (pictured left) I've been considering my own mortality. It scares the crap outa me thinking about what will happen to me when I die, but there is one thing that makes me feel slightly better about it and I wanted to share it with you. Maybe it will make you feel better too, who knows.

This is a story about my Grandad and how he died and as morbid as it sounds, its actually a happy story. Bear with me!

Before I start, I'll tell you Grandad lived a full life. He and my Grandma had been married for more years than I can imagine, they moved the whole family from England to Australia in about 1980. Grandad even told me about driving lorries in WWII, across the Egyptian sands and how he could see the pyramids as he drove past but was not allowed to stop. He was jailed while in the army for having his lorry stolen! His gun was under the seat but his superiors never found out otherwise he would have been jailed for longer.

I'm getting off track however.

Grandad had been sick for a long time, he was old, it was to be expected. His body just started failing on him but his mind still worked perfectly well, he knew what was going on. So for years Grandad was bedridden, Grandma by his side caring for him the whole time. Before the end he was barely able to move from his bed to the couch 2 metres way.

I got the first call on my anniversary. My mum made me cry while I was out to dinner with my fiance and best friends. She said he'd had a stroke and the doctors didn't think he'd survive the night. Well he did and they sent him home the next day. He refused to take any more tests, he was sick of being poked and prodded and just wanted to go home. We all knew there was nothing they could do to make him better and so did he.

Despite that first call, Grandad hung on for months after that first stroke. He had another a couple of months after that with the same results. When I got the second call, I was a bit less shocked, it'd all hit me in the first call and it was more like a waiting game after that.

The day he died, I drove over to my mums to comfort her, it was then she told me the story I'm about to tell you.

Grandad wasn't afraid, she'd asked him and he had smiled. The night he died, Grandma was watching her favorite show, Wheel of Fortune (eye roll), when he called her into his room. Grandma went to him and asked him what he wanted, did he need water? Did he want to sit up? No, he said, just lay with me. It was then that Grandma noticed his breathing was all out of whack and his eyes were a bit unfocused. She knew then that it was almost time, so she lay down on the bed with him.

"Give us a kiss, love," he said. So Grandma gave him a kiss and snuggled up next to him. He died then. He had known it was time and had called her in to say goodbye.

That one moment, of knowing and being able to say goodbye to his wife, of not being afraid.... that makes me happy, hopeful and courageous.

RIP Grandad, Happy Father's Day, we love you.

Grandad, my cousins and me.

And Jessica, sweet cousin, you were too young to leave us. We miss you everyday but don't worry, we'll look after each other. Love you. RIP

I leave you with this song by The Herd that makes me think of everyone dear to me.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breaking News: Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality....

We all know who gave it to him....

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I giggled a lot when I saw this..... still am!! *giggles*

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post Secret

I was just reading the latest updates of one of my favourite sites Post Secret when I came across this secret. Please read the whole story, is very touching!

-----Email Message-----
Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2008 5:18 AM
Subject: timecard you're not alone

My son just wrote Santa last night asking for that special present and I didn't have the heart to tell him that "Santa's" back injury has kept HER from waiting tables the past two weeks .

my secret:
I wish Santa Claus was real so on Christmas no child would have to go without and no parent would have to feel like they failed there child.

-Amber (with permission)

-----Email Message-----
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 12:11 AM
Subject: re: timecard you're not alone

I know I cannot do this for every child out there, but if you would tell her that there is someone out there willing to try and buy their son that gift, then I would appreciate it very much.

I am a college student with a limited budget, but it would be a lovely Christmas present for me if I were able to put a smile on the faces of two strangers on Christmas morning.

-----Email Message
Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2008 11:53 PM
Subject: RE: timecard you're not alone

First off let me tell you how thankful I am to you and your wonderful offer. I was not in anyway expecting any sort of help I just wanted to let this person know they were not alone.

Gratefully yours,

[Frank's (Founder of Post Secret) Note:] (I asked Amber to set-up a PayPal account using this email address for those of us wanting to help.)
(PayPal Account information removed, as per Ameber's request.)

-----Email Message-----
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 4:05 PM
Subject: extra credit good karma AMBER

I made a donation and I was surprised at how good it felt. One does not have to be a millionaire to feel the joy of being generous.

-----Email Message-----
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 5:04 PM
Subject: RE: timecard you're not alone


Santa Claus is real and is alive and well. He lives in you and others like you all over the world. I am overwhelmed by the love and generosity strangers have shown my family today. I never would have imagined it would get as large a response in such little time as it has. Not only will I be able to afford the present he asked for but clothes and other necessities I had been putting off.

At this time I am asking that you remove my paypal account from postsecret and I urge anyone else who wants to help someone in need to get into contact with their local community action centers.

Thank you for making my wish come true,

ps I will send pictures of christmas morning!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Concrete Poles...

These men are installing and setting solid steel pillars in
concrete to stop vehicles from parking on the pavement
outside a sports bar in downtown Norman , OK

They are cleaning up at the end of the day.

How long do you think it will be before they realize where
their vehicle is parked?

In Celebration Of Me Getting Engaged....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Funny Story...

This would have to be one of the best emails I've ever read....

For anyone who didn't see the episode of David Letterman's show where this story was told, read this: (And remember it's a true story...)

On a recent weekend in Atlantic City, a woman won a bucketful of quarters at a slot machine. She took a break from the slots for dinner with her husband in the hotel dining room. But first she wanted to stash the quarters in her room. 'I'll be right back and we'll go to eat' she told her husband and carried the coin-laden bucket to the elevator.

As she was about to walk into the elevator she noticed two men already aboard. Both were black. One of them was very tall and had an intimidating figure. The woman froze. Her first thought was: 'These two are going to rob me.' Her next thought was: 'Don't be a bigot, they look like perfectly nice gentlemen.' But racial stereotypes are powerful, and fear immobilized her. Avoiding eye contact, she turned around stiffly and faced the elevator doors as they closed. A second passed, and then another second, and then another.

Her fear increased! The elevator didn't move. Panic consumed her. 'My God' she thought, I'm trapped and about to be robbed! Her heart plummeted. Perspiration poured from every pore. Then one of the men said, 'Hit the floor.'

Instinct told her to do what they told her.

The bucket of quarters flew upwards as she threw out her arms and collapsed on the elevator floor. A shower of coins rained down on her. 'Take my money and spare me', she prayed.

More seconds passed, then she heard one of the men say politely, 'Ma'am, if you'll just tell us what floor you're going to, we'll push the button.'

The one who said it had a little trouble getting the words out. He was trying mightily to hold in a belly laugh.

The woman lifted her head and looked up at the two men. They reached down to help her up. Confused, she struggled to her feet. 'When I told my friend here to hit the floor,' said the average sized one, 'I meant that he should hit the elevator button for our floor. I didn't mean for you to hit the floor, ma'am.'

He spoke genially. He bit his lip. It was obvious he was having a hard time not laughing.

The woman thought: 'My God, what a spectacle I've made of myself.' She was too humiliated to speak.

The three of them gathered up the strewn quarters and refilled her bucket. When the elevator arrived at her floor they then insisted on walking her to her room..

She seemed a little unsteady on her feet, and they were afraid she might not make it down the corridor. At her door they bid her a good evening.

As she slipped into her room she could hear them roaring with laughter as they walked back to the elevator.

The woman brushed herself off. She pulled herself together and went downstairs for dinner with her husband.

The next morning flowers were delivered to her room; a dozen roses. Attached to EACH rose was a crisp one hundred-dollar bill. The card said: 'Thanks for the best laugh we've had in years.'

It was signed: Eddie Murphy & Michael Jordan.

Dorito Season...

Irish College Entrance Exam...

And now for the answers!

Yeah, I didn't pass either!