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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

For Hannah

Thanks again to the Daily Gyyan! Such a cool blog!

The SmartyBlog Awards!

Help SmartyHost in its quest to find Australias best blog! Enter your blog and you could win $10,000 cash grand prize or one of 10 SmartBlog packages (worth $250)$10000.html

I was sent this link from my darling mother. Both Olive and I have entered so maybe he will win, I wont cos my blog is worth $0.00 *wah wah wah* So visit and comment people! If you are in Australia, feel free to enter as well, but know that you dont stand a chance against Olive :p lol

The Dinner Party!

Ok, so it was my birthday on the 18th and I am officially no longer a teenager *sigh* To celebrate I had 6 of my best friends come over for a home cooked meal, cooked by me! And what a success! We had chicken parma bake, potato bake and fresh salad, along with the mars bar slice (recipe below). It was indeed fantastic, even though I was a bit worried I wouldnt have enough food for everyone. It was the first time I cooked for so many people.

I have updated my computer which means broadband is not too far away. Yay!

Also, today I have my first driving lesson. I know, I got my L's ages ago and I'm 20 and should have my licence but I'm lazy. Olives Mum bort me this driving lesson so that perhaps I will have more and finally get my licence! Hopefully this will get the ball rolling!

That's about all for now, will go look up some cool stuff to add to my oh so interesting blog.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Quick and Easy Mars Bar Slice!

3 Mars Bars
90g butter
3 cups rice bubbles
200g melted chocolate (cooking or normal eating chocolate)

Grease and line slice tin with baking paper
Melt Mars Bars with butter and mix with rice bubbles.
Pour mixture into tin.
Melt chocolate and pour over slice.
Let slice set in a cool place (or the fridge).
Remove slice from tin and cut into pieces.