Friday, August 12, 2005

So, uh, hows about the weather?

Walking home from work in the rain without an umbrella today made me wonder, what is with the weather these days?!? Ok, so it is winter, but it's not just the rain. Thinking over the last year or so, there have been earthquakes, tsunamis, major fires (nothing different here, there are always major fires in Aust.), flooding, storms and even tornados going through my home town. Yes, tornados in Perth! You think maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell us something? We have gotten a hell of a lot more environmentally conscious, using less paper, plastic bags and upping the fines for littering but isn't it a bit too late now? I mean, it is good that we are doing all this now, but it would have been so much better years and years ago. Mother Nature is pretty pissed off I think! Maybe the end of the world will come in our life-time? I hope not, but it's heading that way!

Check out the photos taken of the storm that passed through here. They are pretty wicked photos of a pretty amazing storm in Perth, Western Australia.


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