Friday, July 15, 2005

1 in 50 People; a Drug-Driver

Drug-Driver tests started in Victoria, Australia on the 13th of December last year. In the 6 months that it has been running, 5054 car drivers were tested as well as 2153 truck drivers. Out of all those tests, 103 results came back positive for methamphetamines and six were positive for cannabis. 36 drivers were positive for both. More than two thirds of those who tested positive for drugs were in their 20's. 80% were men. What is more frightening is that the estimates for this test were much much lower. It was expected that 1 in 300 would test positive, insted it is more like 1 in 50.

Oh no! What is our world coming to?!? Like we didnt already know how many people do drugs. We are not deaf, dumb and blind! *slaps forehead*


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