Friday, June 24, 2005

Its Alive!! And I'm turning nerdish!!

For my 18th birthday I requested my own computer, seeing as I had been using my mothers since I was 8 and was sick of not being able to download what I wanted. And so I got the much desired computer and used it for a whole month... until my internet was disconnected. Now I have 3 computers in the house; my mothers, her fellas and mine and, of course, mine is the only one without the internet connected. WANG! So I never used it.

After about a year, I decided I'd like to play some games on my much loved computer. I turned it on, loaded the game and comenced playing. I was really enjoying the game, what it was I can't remember, when my computer died. Yes, it just died. It seems that if you leave computers off for a long period of time, they collect dust and that dust clogs the fan in the power supply and they stop working. Had I known this, I would have left it running for a year.

And so, my much loved machine went without use for a further 6 months or so until I decided I would like to use it again. It was then sent to [olivebranch]'s seeing as he is the nerd of the two of us, so that he could fix it for me. The offending power supply costing by our estimation, a whole of $50 (which is not that much). But still my beautiful tower sat gathering more dust under [olivebranch]'s computer desk.

Finally, after the both of us worked hard for a couple of weeks, I decided it had been sitting long enough! That's right! My brand new computer, had been sitting idle for a year and a half and I finally decide to do something about it. I made [olivebranch] drive me to the nearest computer shop and buy me my power supply! If I had known that it was only going to cost $25, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT SOONER!!!!

And so, it was done. Simple, quick, I coulda done it myself! And I was sooo happy, that I went out and bought speakers and an ergo keyboard! (before you go, 'ewww ergo keyboard' I actually need it, I have Tenosynovitus or something in my right wrist, yucko!) And next week I plan to buy a bigger hard drive so that I can download stuff, legally of course! Computer parts are soooooo cheap now!

The problem I had next was convincing my mother that a 56k connection just wouldn't cut it for 3 computers! Easy you think, but I have tried this before and my ideas were rejected. So, I called up ISPs and got quotes and even offered to pay the difference (so that mum could continue paying what she is already paying for dial-up) and the setup fee (which isn't cheap I might add) and low and behold, SHE AGREED!!! X-cellent!

Now we are both on the net, Mum researching better broadband connections and me writing my blog. Some things do go the way I want them too. *sighs*


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