Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Welcome I guess...

Wow, didnt think I would actually ever create one of these things, yet here we are. I plan to use this blog as an overview to any books I read, movies I see, things I do; just general things really. I wasn't a big fan of blogging, am still not really so who knows if this will be any good. I got the idea from my boyfriend who's blog is now going strong @ http://olivebranchoptimism.blogspot.com

This first post is more of an introduction to me I guess. My name is Georgia, hence the nickname Gee-Oh. I live in Perth, Western Australia with my mother and her fella. I am not a student, tho I hope to be one day, I have yet to decide what I want to study, perhaps this blog will shed some light on that for me. I work a meaningless job that I am not happy with but I dont really have a reason to complain. Spending a lot of time with [olivebranch] has taught me that there are a hell of a lot of people who are worse off than I am and that perhaps I can help in some small ways. His blog is worth the long read for those of you who are politically minded, even if youre a bit silly on the situation (like me) his latest posts are easy to understand and you can tell by just reading it that he cares and is trying to help those who need it. Perhaps you can help too? Just ask...

Enjoy! (I hope so)


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