Wednesday, June 15, 2005

HH Holmes and The Murder Castle

HH Holmes, born Herman Webster Mudgett, was one of Americas first known serial killers. He was born in Gilmantown, New Hampshire in 1860.

Holmes and his business partner, Ben Pietzel, planned to fake Pietzels death in order to collect a $20,000 life insurance policy in Holmes' name. Unfortunately the insurance company did not want to pay up and so authorised an investigation. Pietzels wife, Carrie, had been told about the arrangment and was awaiting the reunion with her husband and three children (whom were under the care of Holmes).

After following Holmes' trail halfway across America, Detective Frank P Geyer found the bones of the two missing little girls, Alice and Nellie Pietzel. They had been gassed then buried in one of many rented houses of HH Holmes. After that discovery, Geyer also discovered the bones of their younger brother in a stove that Holmes still had sitting in his office.

In 1989 Holmes purchased an empty lot across the road from his pharmacy and planned to build a hotel, the rooms which he would rent out to tourists who would come in the thousands to Chicago's World Fair. The hotel was built, largely foir free because Holmes believed that the builders were not working to his standards. This was thought to be an excuse so that no one would know the complete lay out of the hotel. After the finding of the Pietzel children, the police searched the Hotel.

The hotel, nick named 'The Murder Castle', had a lot to hide. The first floor was made up of shops; a pharmacy, jewelry shop, cafe and sweet shop. The second floor however, was a mass of secret passages, doors that lead to nothing but brick walls, staircases that lead to large drop offs, rooms that could be sealed air tight by shutting the door, plus other rooms which had gas fixtures that could be controlled from Holmes personal quarters on the third floor. Then there was the basement; pits of acid and lime, a crematorium, gas chamber and torture chamber.

Bones were found in the crematorium, blood was all over Holmes' surgical table and over 50 people mysteriously disapeared from the World Fair. Holmes was found guilty of the death of Ben Pietzel and sentenced to death by hanging. The trial lasted 7 days and during those 7 days, Holmes used the media frenzy to create a large, mostly fabricated story of 27 murders that he had committed. Looking back, Detective Geyer noticed a lot of people, particularly women, who had something to do with Holmes, just up and disapeared. Too many for me to list here.

I dont know why I wanted to write and entry about this sad sack. It was just interesting to me how he built his house and went around killing people for a number of years before any one noticed. He was a smart killer, that interests me I spose. Check out the house here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they say that holmes had affairs wuth several different women and got them all pregnat and then he deserted them...then after he got all the money he got married to some woman.they had a child and he never was really home he moved back to chicago and there he had the murder castle built it was reall frigggin horrible.he fialed for a divorce from the one chick that he was married to and he then married another woman who was marrie d at the time got her pregnant and her husband found out and left hr holmes wasnt ready to be a father again soo he supposedly peformed an abortion on his second wife killing he and then killing the infant with cloriform butt i dont think that is true

12:14 pm  
Anonymous lizzie said...

i dont really think that holmes murdered 100 yound women he murdered over 250.that man had the extra-y-cromasone in means that he was more likly to be a vilent man than most he was truly a sick man..he took two young girls and thier brother and he kille dthe two girks the police found the bodies of the girls and they brought the mother to identify the girls...they could only show her thier teeth and hair because the rest was too grusome for te mother to see

12:23 pm  
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