Friday, June 10, 2005

DnB Rocks My Socks!

Last year, Nokia supported a competition run in Australia to find talent, not unlike American Idol really. Entries are sent in and judges pick out a final 12 to be voted on by the Australian public via the net or SMS. This year they are doing it again, and this year they are including all kinds of beats! Ie. breaks, house, techno, electronic! And this year, some good friends of mine made it to the final 12!!! How exciting!!

Last years winner, Brisbane's My Ninja Lover, went on a whirlwind tour of the UK and met with several record labels. Their first EP 'Silk and Daggers' is out in Australia now!

Any way, back to my friends, Group Therapy. Go to and check out the 12 finalists. If you read their bio, Group Therapy has been around for a while. I've seen them play live a few times and they are some funny fellas. They played for me at my 18th birthday (one of those obscure house parties with mandatory police presence!) for a carton, and they rocked the joint! WooHoo! I'm pretty damn excited for them, the winners recieve:

  • Studio mastering of their EP or single with full CD cover art
  • Their track distributed via the Nokia Connecting Beats CD (available FREE from Sanity stores!)
  • Their track and bio published on
  • The opportunity to play alongside some amazing acts on the Terminal9 tour which travels through Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne
  • A return trip overseas to meet with the record label of their choice!

The 12 finalists have been published and voting lines close at midnight (EST) on July 6th 2005 so hurry up and VOTE! Go Group Therapy!!!


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