Saturday, January 28, 2006


I love Australia, really, but Australia Day causes such a loss of Australian face. I mean really, we celebrate on the river in Perth and by the time the morning comes there are millions of pieces of rubbish, some of which are blown into the river. Fantastic! Lets celebrate we are Australian by littering the foreshore and our already disgusting river. I havent gone to the foreshore for a few years now, I would rather not get mobbed by gangs of crazy people. I would not like to wallow through the muck just to watch a billion-or-so dollar lights show for half an hour. Not that I don't love the fireworks, its just that every year, they spend more money, more time, more effort on creating better, bigger Lottery West Fireworks than the year before, dont they have better things to spend their money on?!? Gees, there are people starving in this world and we spend millions on pretty lights in the sky!!!! Am I the only one to see this as wrong?? *sighs*

Any way, that wasn't the only this I saw that I was dissapointed in, sometimes I'm ashamed to be Australian. As most people who read this know, I work in the City of Perth in Western Australia. I work right near one of the busiest shops in the city and see lots of interesting things. What I am about to say is not meant to be anti-aboriginal (my sister is quarter-cast) but this aboriginal lady was following two passive beautiful ladies in full hijabs and traditional dress (see picture) swearing her Australian head off at them! These poor ladies had done nothing to provoke this attack. Is this what has become of Australians? This is the attituide the media is spreading and are we stupid enough to judge people by their religion, their beliefs, their clothes?!?!?! What is going on!!!! How dare this woman follow and abuse them and tell them they should get out of her country. She then yelled at them that she was an educated woman, obviously not well enough. It sickens me!


Blogger bLuE_fLaMe said...

i totally agree with you g
and i infact having worked in the
CITY OF PERTH!!! myself and have been witnese to the types of...wait for it.....hate crimes....because that what they really are...hate crimes and they disgust me.... australians let all us ass...lets kick the shit outta other cultures like america!!!!FUCK OFF YOU DICKHEADS..... love you fellow man whatever culture

2:17 pm  
Blogger olivebranch said...

Nothing quite pisses me off as someone using their "Australian" Nationality to assume dominance over someone else.

Even Aboriginies who are the only "native" Australian's have a heritage that begun on another continent.

Australian is becoming synonomous with "racist & selfish". I am an Australian and as an Australian its time for us to stamp out this kind of shit.

Be who you are and GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to help & assure those who are isolated by racist elements of society. This is the only way to counter-act the negative shit these so called "Australian Nationalists" are causing for the rest of us.

Otherwise its going to come to civil-war, and I for one don't know what the sides would be? Who can claim to be more Australian than me, born in outback Kalgoorlie with all of my family raised or born here in Australia. No one. Thats who!

Great post Gee :))


3:41 pm  
Anonymous cazza said...

thats so rude, its not fair the way people treat differnt from differnt cultures races, religions... Whatever!

8:33 pm  

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