Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stupidist Way To Get Fired!!!

My friend's boss called him the other day, after 'Googling' his business website and finding my friends' Blog at the top of the Google search list. Well, this rich old German man went insane! He woke this friend twice in the early morning, after he had been to work for a number of hours (in a bakery, so they were EARLY hours!) and told him to delete the post! Did I mention that this post was dated in April! That's right, April! But wait, there's more!

Once the post was deleted, the boss called back and demanded that my friend remove the link from Google as well! Hahahaha, What The!?! Any way, he is soooo computer illiterate (the boss that is) that he said he was goin to sue my friend for defimation of his business! Just because this friend had very strong political veiws on the war in Iraq, he was suddenly a "Arabic Fundametalist" and a threat to our national security and if this link was not removed from Google's searches then my friend would not get his pay from the week before!

We both knew he was in the wrong, laughed from the beginning about his calling a lawyer, silly man. No legal grounds to stand on, if only he knew. As you can guess, my friend refused to work for this man again, demanded his pay and a full apology, and, of course, he got it! Again; stupid man!


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