Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm a lucky, lucky Gee!

I got a call at work the other day, from the Perth police, asking if I had lost something. I didn't even notice, but on my break I had left my wallet in the dodgiest alleyway in the middle of the city. Not only that but I had just taken $200 out of my bank to pay for some shopping. And guess what?!? Some nice honest person named Clive handed it in to the City Info Desk, with everything in it, including ALL my money! What a nice guy! Of course I was a bit distressed because when I got the first call I was so in shock that they had my wallet and I didnt that I didnt even ask how they knew where I was or if everything was still there.
The guy at the Info Desk told me I hadta go to the police station (on the opposite side of the city) and sign it out before going 200m from my work to pick it up, and not until 8pm! I finished work at 4pm, had no money, no bank card, no way to get home. Argh!
Any way, I went back to work, still in shock. Then got another call. The nice guy at the Info Desk had someone from the police station bring him copies of the forms I hadta sign and so I didnt have to go to the Police Station, thank goodness!
I got Clives number and called him and thanked him. Imagine that! I left my wallet in the Dodgiest alleyway and the only honest person in the city found it and handed it in! I'm a lucky, lucky Gee!


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