Saturday, October 22, 2005


I dont know why bloggers who read blogs dont comment! WHY? How are we supposed to know what you guys think of our blogs? And dont tell me through email! I want other people who come and read this site to be able to read the comments made by others, except there are none! WHY!?! COMMENT DAMN YOU! :p~~

Or does no one love me? :~(


Anonymous bigt said...

I <3 YOU!!1

2:32 pm  
Anonymous Fong said...

whats a comment?

4:46 pm  
Blogger olivebranch said...

fong is a knob. that was a comment :)
post that giant thingy so I can read it!

8:24 pm  
Blogger AzureLynn said...

Wandered in to show my husband your cat story.. and wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you had a good weekend, and are having a good day!

4:39 am  
Blogger The Seeker said...

(Insert Generic Comment Here)

There you go :)

8:15 am  
Anonymous mummy said...

I hear what you're saying Geo but all it sounds like is "Waaaaaa Waaaaaa Waaaaaaaa" ;)

2:10 pm  

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