Saturday, October 01, 2005

Announcement of Upcoming (and just been) Birthdays!

First and foremost, my love, olivebranch!

*waits for applause*

Happy birthday baby for the 24th of September! Hope you had a great day and night! It was good to see all your favourite friends piled up in your lounge chatting and drinking. It was a great day, even if it was Grand Final day as well. Love you heaps babe!


Next, someone even more fabulous! Me! Teehee. And of course my brother, who's birthday also happens to be the same day as mine; 18th November. (Valentines Day, do the math) This year I will be a staggering 20 years old! *falls over* While my brother will be a lovely 14. Thats right, 6 years apart exactly. I nearly had a stroke when I found out the girl who works with me is the same age as my brother! Oh no! Woe is me. *sniffles* That means my brother has to start working soon.... bwahahahahaha! Good luck bro!


Last of the year, but definately not the least loved, my bestest buddy, Hannah! Woohooo!! I have been waiting for this day (21st December) for 2 years now!! The big 1-8! Yes! We can finally go out on the town legally! We're gonna rock this joint! The only problem with this is, its on a Wednesday, its 3 days before Christmas, one week before New Years, and YOU NEED ID!!! *breathes in and out* We need to get you a passport right now so we can enjoy these wonderful holidays together! Love you chicken, lets rock the night away! *headbangs*

That is all! Dismissed!


Anonymous mummy said...

grandads birthday 7th november

2:18 pm  

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